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Above: Kimberli knows how to make direct, intimate contact with the audience immediately.

As a solo performer, Kimberli Boyd poetically blends dance with voice. She uses personal narrative to juxtapose contrasting images of women and to explore themes such as ancestral history.

Kimberli currently makes appearances in both solo and shared concerts, performing pieces that were created by her in addition to those created in collaboration with other artists. Her work can be seen in formal concert halls as well as such intimate settings as art galleries, women’s centers, and community centers and churches.

She was one of 10 dancers whose work was chosen to appear in “Women Players in the Arts,” a series of concerts presented as part of the Cultural Olympiad of the 1996 Games in Atlanta.

• Guest Appearance
1-2 songs of pre-existing repertoire of dances

• Guest Performance
15-40 minutes of pre-existing repertoire of dances

• Commissioned Appearance
1-2 songs of original work created for your occasion

• Commissioned Performance
15-40 minutes of original work created especially for your occasion

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